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To the Filipino fans of ONE OK ROCK: I’m asking you to please participate for a possible ONE OK ROCK concert in Manila by answering the survey conducted by PHILIPPINES’ ONE OK ROCKers: Please click here: ONEOKROCKinManila2015

Please also share the Facebook link to the fellow Filipino fans. Please click the link to direct to the Facebook page: P.O.O.R.
The organizers/producers are monitoring it to determine if there are many Filipino fans of ONE OK Rock who are willing to watch the concert. So please, OOR fans let us unite and help us in making this happen next year (2015) in Manila, Philippines. Please participate. Thanks so much!
Note: I’m not an administrator of Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers but I really want to help in making this event happen. If ONE OK ROCK will have a concert here in the Philippines, then it will open for more possibilities of other J-Rock, J-Pop, and J-artists to visit too in the future.


2014/07/10 Rurouni Kenshin Stage Greeting featuring Takeru and Emi (Translation found below)

Takeru: I’ve been wearing yukata (kimono usually worn during summer) too lately.

Emi: Liar!

Takeru: I’m sorry. But, I was thinking of wearing yukata this summer.

Emi: Where?

Takeru: My town.

Emi: Really?

Takeru: In my home too. Is it bad?

Emi: Why not!

Takeru: I’ve been thinking of that.

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Japan’s #1 box office hit “Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno” will release its DVD and Blu-ray on December 17, 2014 (Wednesday) in Japan!
Satoh Takeru & Director Otomo Keishi had a message for the Blu-ray and DVD deluxe edition that will be released.

Satoh Takeru who acted as Himura Kenshin said it’s a work that you want to watch many times. Regarding the action, it is superhuman. Satoh risked his life for the 0.5 seconds scene.

No announcement yet for the release in the Philippines and other countries.

Source: (^_^x) animate tv

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